Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments for the Curious Gourmet: Zero Waste Tea Subscription review

Tea Shirt logoTea Shirt Tailored Refreshments have just brought out a new tea subscription; the first ZERO WASTE tea subscription.  Everything from the packing box, pouches, labels, teabag envelopes to the tea leaves can all be recycled and placed in your cardboard/paper recycle box and the used leaves in your vegetation/garden waste box.  Another plus is that everything all packs neatly in a packing box that fits perfectly through your letterbox so no fear of a missed parcel delivery.

To buy link:  https://tea-shirt.co.uk/collections/subscriptions

There are two options to choose from:  Build A Box, were you choose your own teas from a selection; Discovery Box which will be picked by Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments according to your tea type (i.e. Plain or Flavoured Teas, Herbal, Fruit or Spice Blends or Both).  If you have any allergies or health concerns please let Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments know and your tea will be chosen according to your needs.

What’s in the Box

  • Four samples of loose leaf tea (each sample of tea would be enough for 5/6 cups)
  • Tea filter bags including a bamboo stick to hold your bags in place
  • Tea tasting notes and steeping guidelines
  • Your first box will also include a tea spoon

I chose the Discovery Box and was thrilled to receive my first box a few weeks ago.  In my box I received samples of Golden Monkey, Assam 2nd Flush Hattialli Tea Estate, Decaf Chai, Hibiscus herbal tea.


golden monkeyGolden Monkey – Is an organic black tea from Yunnan.  The dried leaves are very distinctive with the long golden, almost gnarly like, leaves.  The name of the tea comes from the leaves that resemble monkeys claws.  I’ve not tried this blend of tea before and I was so excited to try a new blend.  The taste is light and refreshing and very drinkable.  There’s a subtle earthy sweetness.  This could be a drink enjoyed throughout the day.


The teabag filters and bamboo stick that comes in your box is so easy to use, a pictorial card is supplied to guide you.  When I use my tea I always save the tea with it’s filter so I can re-steep again.


assam 2nd flushAssam 2nd Flush Hattialli Tea Estate – Is a carefully processed Assam black tea with large leaves and lots of golden tips.  Some Assam teas I find sharp and bitter but this blend produced a bright, malty taste that had a slight gentleness to it.  With Assam teas I only steep for around 2 minutes as I prefer this lighter version but for more intensity leave your tea steeping for 3/4 minutes.


decaf chaiDecaf Chai – A decaffeinated Ceylon Black tea with organic spices (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and black pepper).  I’ve tried this blend before as I enquired about a Decaf Chai to the co-founders of Tea Shirt and they blended a decaf chai for me using their Ceylon decaf and a blend of aromatic spices.  I’m so pleased with the result and that it was included in the Discovery Subscription box.   I steeped for 3 minutes which left me with a wonderful, tasty, aromatic drink. Not one spice overpowered the other and they gently warm you from within. Combined with the black Ceylon tea leaves this is a lovely satisfying cuppa. A chai that’s as warm and comforting as the original but without the buzz of caffeine = a chai that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.


Hibiscus herbal tea – I was fascinated with this tea with it’s whole hibiscus flowers.  I wasn’t sure how much to pop in my filter, so I added two flowers and steeped for 5/6 minutes.  However, I think I could have used just one flower.  This gives an intense rich red colour and the taste is fruity with a slight tartness.  I loved it!  I think this would make a perfect iced tea as well as a warm, comforting hot drink.

That’s all the samples of tea from my first box tasted and I loved them all and will definitely be putting in a re-order.  Subscribers will also be entitled to a 5% discount on purchasers from the website.

Discount Code:  To purchase a tea subscription of your own please visit the link above and use the code FIRSTBOX to get 50% off your first box.

This is an endorsement of a product/service and all views are my own.

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