The Girl from Cobb Street by Merryn Allingham book review

the girl from cobb street

The Girl from Cobb Street by Merryn Allingham, publisher: MIRA (an imprint of Harlequin), is available now in ebook format and paperback.

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She longed for a family of her own…

Growing up in an orphanage on East London’s Cobb Street, Daisy Driscoll never felt the warm heart of home. Forging her own way in the world, determined Daisy struggles to make ends meet as the country finds itself on the brink of the Second World War.

Her fortunes change when she finds solace in the arms of Gerald Mortimer, a handsome cavalry subaltern in the Indian army. Finally, Daisy has found someone to love of her very own. But soon she discovers she’s pregnant and fate was never going to give her an easy ride.

Gerald is not all he claims to be and, as he leads her along a path of danger and scandal, Daisy must find the strength within herself to get through her darkest hour.

For fans of Nadine Dorries, Katie Flynn and Maureen Lee.


This is the first book by Merryn Allingham that I have had the pleasure to read.  The Girl from Cobb Street is the first story in the Daisy’s War trilogy, The Nurses War is the second story and Daisy’s Long Road Home is the third final instalment.  However, each story can be read as a standalone novel however, to enjoy and appreciate Daisy’s journey I would recommend reading all 3 books.

London 1938 Daisy is working in a department store in London on the perfumery counter when she first sees Gerald Mortimer, a handsome cavalry man in the Indian Army.  She is soon charmed by Gerald and after Gerald returns to India Daisy discovers she is pregnant.  Daisy takes an eventual and difficult journey to India to become Gerald’s wife.  We follow Daisy on her journey as she becomes Gerald’s wife and starts her new life in India.  However, Daisy soon realises Gerald is not all he claims to be and soon Daisy’s life becomes embroiled in danger with political and emotional turmoil.

I thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance.  Romance however, was not the main storyline although it was always simmering in the background.  I found the story fascinating with regards to the English Army based in India pre WWII.  It was also interesting how the wives were treated and how they were mean’t to behave.  A lot of unwritten rules for the women were made and it was confusing for a newcomer to understand.  The storyline was gripping discovering the truth behind Gerald.  The author, Merryn Allingham, kept me enthralled all throughout the book. I am now eager to continue with Daisy’s journey and catch up with her in The Nurses War and the forthcoming final instalment Daisy’s Long Road Home.

A gripping, historical romantic 5/5* read.

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