Breaking all the Rules by Rachael Richey book review

breaking all the rules

Breaking all the Rules written by Rachael Richey, publisher The Wild Rose Press, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Kate is getting married in a month. Richard, her fiancé, is a lawyer: rich, successful, and very good-looking. She’s definitely in love with him. No doubt about that.

So when Sam, a good friend and her high school crush, returns after eight years of traveling, she doesn’t care. After all, he never actually asked her out, and then he went traveling without her, contrary to their plans. She only agrees to go to dinner with him in order to hear all his news, so why doesn’t she tell him she’s getting married? And is he still bothered by the tragedy eight years ago?

Sometimes life just gets too complicated, and Kate finds she keeps having Very Bad Ideas, which lead to even more complications. Just three days before her wedding, she finds herself in a situation that demands the biggest decision of her life.


Breaking all the Rules is the new standalone romcom from Rachael Richey.  I adored Rachael’s previous books and was a little worried with this new novel and that I’d be missing my favourite characters Gideon and Abi from Rachael’s The NightHawk series.  However, I needed no fear as I soon fell in love with the characters from this story, especially Sam and was captivated by the storyline.

The story is set in Devon and Kate is 3 weeks away from her wedding to lawyer Richard.  Kate and Richard have been dating 3 years and Kate was so happy when Richard proposed.  However, when Kate bumps into Sam Somerville her life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.  Sam was a good friend of Kate’s at school, secretly she had a massive crush on him.  However, tragedy struck and Sam escaped the country and went travelling.  It was led to believe that the reason Sam fled was due to his broken heart however, eight years on and he is back in the village wanting to catch up with Kate.  Tragic events in the past are brought to the surface which go some way to explain certain directions that were made one fateful night.

Kate is gobsmacked to see Sam and her heart soon starts fluttering and she is left with feelings of nostalgia.  Kate agrees to go for a catch up with him, as friends.  After this catch up Kate is left pondering whether she actually still loves her fiancé Richard.

We follow Kate on her contemplative three week journey leading up to her wedding.  Will her confused mind be clearer on the wedding day?

I loved this romcom.  It was full of fun with some wonderful wit and humour in the storyline.  There was a poignant side to the story full of miscommunicated feelings and it left you with thoughts of “what if.”  Funny, heartwarming and very readable.  A perfect read for fans of Lindsey Kelk, Carmen Reid, Helen Fielding and Sophie Kinsella.

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