How the Duke Was Won (The Disgraceful Dukes Book 1) by Lenora Bell book review

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How the Duke was Won by Lenora Bell, publisher Piatkus, is available NOW in ebook format and is due to be published in paperback this Thursday 26th May 2016.

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James, the scandalously uncivilized Duke of Harland, requires a bride with a spotless reputation for a strictly business arrangement. Lust is prohibited and love is out of the question.

Four ladies. Three days. What could go wrong?

She is not like the others . . .

Charlene Beckett, the unacknowledged daughter of an earl and a courtesan, has just been offered a life-altering fortune to pose as her half-sister, Lady Dorothea, and win the duke’s proposal. All she must do is:

* Be the perfect English rose (Ha!)
* Breathe, smile, and curtsy in impossibly tight gowns (blast Lady Dorothea’s sylph-like figure)
* Charm and seduce a wild duke (without appearing to try)
* Keep said duke far, far from her heart (no matter how tempting)

When secrets are revealed and passion overwhelms, James must decide if the last lady he should want is really everything he needs. And Charlene must decide if the promise of a new life is worth risking everything . . . including her heart.

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I am pleased to be part of the blogtour promoting Lenora Bell’s debut historical romance.  I’d like to thank the publishers for an arc in return for an honest review.

This was an enticing, addictive tale of a swoon-worthy Duke with four delectable debutantes vying for his hand.

I soon became addicted to this tale of an uncivilised Duke searching for a bride.  It was sort of like an 1800’s take of a reality TV dating show.  It was filled with the most dashing but definitely unconvential Duke fighting with the idea of society, with it’s need to find him a respectable bride to help tone down his reputation.  James, the Duke, didn’t want to fall in love with his bride, he wanted a business affair.  He would invite four carefully selected lovely ladies to his house and at the end of the four days he was to choose his bride.

One of the chosen debutantes was unfortunately away travelling however, her mother had a cunning plan.  Lady Dorothea had a secret half-sister, Charlene Beckett, who held a strong resemblance to her.  Charlene Beckett was living in far different settings to her half-sister, she lived in a bawdy house in Covent Garden with her mother, sister and the ladies who entertained the gentlemen.  Charlene was repulsed with this life of a courtesan and was keen to do anything to avoid being trapped in a life that held a loveless future.  When the countess offered Charlene a proposal to take the place of Lady Dorothea, for the four days invitation at the Dukes, with the chance to gain enough cash to escape the bawdy house and the life it beckoned for her she felt she had no choice but to accept.

We follow Charlene’s duplicitous journey playing the part of a Lady trying to win the hand of the Duke.

Lenora Bell transported me back in time with ladies in waiting, ballrooms, horse carriages, dashing Dukes.  It was such a tantalising, fun story.  A rags to riches tale, battle of the down n outs against the upper class.  I loved Charlene’s character, with her upbringing it could have so easy have been for her to follow in the footsteps of her peers but she was strong willed and had visions of a better life.  She adored family and wanted so much more for her loved ones and also for girls less fortunate.

A brilliant debut in historical romance.  A sexy, warm, regency romance that I can’t wait to read the next instalment in The Disgraceful Dukes series).  5/5*

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