Cobwebs in the Dark by Rachael Richey book review

cobwebs in the dark

Cobwebs in the Dark (The NightHawk series book 3) by Rachael Richey, publisher The Wild Rose Press is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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With NightHawk newly reformed and preparing for a world tour, Abi Hawk finds herself unaccountably insecure about the attention her husband Gideon, the band’s frontman, will receive from groupies. In New Zealand for the first leg of the tour and a visit with Gideon’s sister, they are faced with a new problem. An outrageous claim pushes Abi’s insecurities to new heights, and it takes all their resolve to stick together and sort it out.

Meanwhile their daughter Natasha goes on an adventure of her own, one that places her in danger from an old adversary, forcing Abi and Gideon to summon all their combined strengths to rescue her.

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This is the third instalment in The NightHawk series and I was gripped yet again with the drama and romance in Abi and Gideon’s life.

We left Abi and Gideon at the end of book two (Rhythm of Deceit), see my review here just about coping after a traumatic event involving Abi and their daughter Natasha with the band’s ex-drummer Simon.  Simon had become very deranged and had set out to hurt Gideon through Abi and Natasha.  However, Simon was never to be found after this event and was presumed drowned.

It’s a year since this terrible ordeal and Gideon is preparing for the first tour of the newly reformed band.  The first leg of the tour is in New Zealand and Gideon and his family travel overseas to stay with his sister prior to the tour.  Abi is a little worried about how she will react with all the adoring attention from young girls Gideon will attract.  She wasn’t around when Gideon first toured with the band but still felt an unease and pang of jealousy when she saw pictures of him in the press back then.  However, the fans are the least of Abi’s worries when an outrageous claim by an ex-girlfriends shatters all Abi’s doubts about Gideon’s past.

Also, the gripping ordeal with Simon, the ex-drummer, in book two rears it’s ugly head when Simon comes out of hiding and hatches out a plan which has dangerous consequences ahead for Natasha.

Another exciting, gripping instalment.  I loved how this story was set in New Zealand.  I felt the fear, described by Tasha, of being in a strange country, it added an extra depth to the drama as both victim and assailant were unsure of their surroundings.  As always there was love and romance interwoven in the storyline and we get to hear more of Abi, Gideon and Natasha’s personal history.

The ‘sneaky peak/sample’ of the fourth instalment of the series at the end of the book has left me desperate to read more of this captivating series.  A series that is beautiful, emotive, heart breaking, intriguing and with a gripping story that spans decades.  5/5*

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