Rhythm of Deceit (The NightHawk Series Book 2) by Rachael Richey book review

Rhythm of Deceit

Rhythm of Deceit by Rachael Richey, publisher The Wild Rose Press, Inc, is available NOW in ebook and paperback format.

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Two years after finally being reunited, Abigail Thomson and Gideon Hawk are happily married and living in Cornwall with their children.

While Gideon is busy focusing his energies on his musical career, Abi makes an unexpected discovery of old diaries dating from 1950. As she and her daughter read through them, the reasons behind Abi’s mother’s destructive actions become much clearer, and they discover a shocking sixty-year-old deception.

Meanwhile, Simon Dean, the vengeful ex-drummer of Gideon’s band NightHawk, is about to make life very difficult for them all—again—and he is prepared to go to desperate lengths to achieve his goals.

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I’d like to thank the author, Rachael Richey, for an arc in return for an honest review.

After reading book 1 of the series, Storm Rising, see my review here I was eagerly awaiting to dive into the pages of book 2, Rhythm of Deceit.

It’s been two years since Abi and Gideon have been reunited after ten years apart.  They are now happily married living in Cornwall with their children.  Natasha, their daughter, is still confused as to why she was sent away to live in a children’s home by her grandparents.  Without her parents permission Natasha sets out to discover more about her past.  Abi and Natasha are given a suitcase which once belonged to Abi’s mother.  Without revealing too much of the storyline what follows next is a journey Abi and Natasha take discovering the contents of the suitcase and the details of Abi’s mothers past.

The story also picks up were it left in book 1 regarding Simon Dean, the ex-drummer of the band who has a hateful campaign against Abi.  Simon tried his best to keep the young lovers apart and succeeded for 10 years but now the couple are reunited Simon is constantly reminded of their happiness and is hostility towards Abi is growing.  Simon becomes very unhinged and his revenge take a dramatic turn.

Another great instalment in the NightHawk series.  I was completely hooked with book 2 especially with the revealing history of Abi’s mother. It was very enlightening, sad and traumatic and also demonstrated how life and relationships were different back in the 1950s.  Simon’s storyline was quite dramatic and I was gripped with the intensity of the twists and turns.  I am also left with anticipation how the story will develop in book 3, Cobwebs in the Dark (fab title), which is due for publication in February 2016.  An intense, emotional 5/5* read.

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